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Gemini CinemaTech

CinemaTech is the first entrepreneurial track aiming to uplift the entertainment industry by injecting technological solutions into the industry and its supporting functions to open a realm of opportunities and possibilities.

CinemaTech is the first entrepreneurial track aiming to uplift the entertainment industry by injecting technological solutions into the industry and its supporting functions to open a realm of opportunities and possibilities.

Gemini Africa holds the intellectual property rights to the creation of the CinemaTech track and introducing it to the entrepreneurial ecosystem! In addition to pioneering in hosting the first pitching event ever in a film festival.

Gemini CinemaTech

Want to learn more about CinemaTech and get a chance to turn your creative ideas into a reality to uplift the filmmaking industry

Stay tuned and wait Gemini Africa’s CinemaTech Workshops at the Gouna Film Festival.

Gemini CinemaTech

During this workshop, you will receive intensive training on ideation techniques, business modeling, pitching and presentation techniques to develop your idea and have it realized running.
Then only chosen teams will get the chance to pitch in AWIFF21 and have a spot on the show to release their creativity and innovation to bring the filmmaking industry to the next level.

Gemini CinemaTech

Those who want to make an impact by contributing to the CinemaTech transformation in Egypt with customer-centric business ideas.

1) Students and fresh graduates who are passionate about the filmmaking industry.
2) Age Group: from 16 to 30.
3) Business and tech-oriented people.
4) Teams must include:
a) A tech developer. (mobile, web, or game developer)
b) 2 – 5 participants.

Technologies in CinemaTech track
Developed by Droovy, a Gemini Portfolio Startup
An interactive clip developed by Droovy, a startup that aims to capitalize on the massive success of the film industry in Egypt by becoming the market leader in the interactive movie industry through designing, developing and creating engaging viewing experiences.

Experience guidance: Click here: from any PC, Laptop, Smart TV, etc.

And let the public, click on this link: to interact with the actions of the video.

Note: this clip is taken from AlJazeera Movie.

Previous CinemaTech Activities

Gemini CinemaTech
AAST Entrepreneurship Center Celebration - 2021
Gemini Africa joined the Startups Festival that was hosted by the AAST Entrepreneurship Center in Sharm El Sheikh in celebration of the center's 5th anniversary.
With such great minds and aspiring individuals, CinemaTech is introducing entrepreneurship into the filmmaking industry as we were touching base and scouting to find talents to open a new world of possibilities for them as they join our community!
Gemini CinemaTech
SI Labs Cinema & Technology Hackathon - 2021
For the first time in the MENA region with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, FEPS Business Incubator, National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, and the UNDP Egypt, Gemini Africa partnered to host a hackathon in CinemaTech track to reach out to young entrepreneurs and creatives to build their capacity and take their thoughts and ideas to the next level and make their dreams a reality.
Gemini CinemaTech
El Gouna Film Festival - 2020
Gemini Africa participated in El Gouna Film Festival 4th Edition to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and the entertainment industry for the first time ever in the MENA region with a pitching event for creatives bringing in technological ideas into the filmmaking industry followed by a panel with the industry experts to raise awareness and give the winners the right exposure.
Gemini CinemaTech
Luxor African Film Fesitval - 2021
Gemini Africa took part in the Luxor African Film Festival 10th edition by conducting a panel discussion to highlight how entrepreneurship can enhance the filmmaking industry and add a technological dimension that can uplift the industry and take it to the next level pillaring on the creative ideas of these young entrepreneurs!
Gemini CinemaTech
Aswan International Women Film Festival - 2021
Gemini Africa's impact in bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and entertainment is undeniable! In recognition of the company's activities and Mr. Adly Thoma's, Chairman and CEO, pioneering vision in connecting both worlds ... He is now a member in AWIFF board of trustees following his great expertise in entrepreneurship, youth development and training, with special attention to the injection of technology and digital transformation.

Program Timeline

''Currently Aswan CinemaTech Workshop 2021"

19 April

The application opens on
19 April 2021

1 May
Phase 2

The application closes on
1 May 2021

5 May
Phase 3

The names of the participants will be announced on 5 May 2021

9 May
Phase 4

Workshop kicks off on
9 May 2021

19 June
Phase 5

The names of the teams participating in the finale pitching day will be announced on 26 May 2021

28 June
Phase 6

29 May 2021.

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